quinta-feira, fevereiro 23, 2006

O que eu queria ouvir...

Especialmente "Once Upon a Time".

Deixo a letra (é bom recordar alguns momentos da nossa juventude)

The hour's late and the lights are low
I'm wlaking home just kicking stones
I waited at the depot you never showed
You missed the last bus hours ago
I remember the first timeI saw you on the street
You looked so pretty my heart skipped a beat
I can't wait any longer but I still feel the heat
I'm down but I'm still on my feet
I walked on down by the old fairground

Up from the docks blew al lonely sound
I sat for a while on the cold hard ground
Watched the stars slowly turn as the earth spun around
As the past fails behind up ahead there's a crack
Of light shining bright through the night so black
Like a runaway train rolling down the track
From here there's no turning back

Listen to me baby
Once upon a time
My heart was an ocean
You swam against the tide
The time is past for grieving
My tears have all run dry
I'll leave you with my love
And now I say goodbye

The bottles broken, the glasses are cracked
The cards are al dealt and the chips have been stacked
The lamp shades busted and the curtains are torn
The door keeps knocking but there's nobody home
I stood by the road brushed a tear from my eye
Cursed the cars and the rain and the rolling grey sky
I turned around, turned my back on that town
And I never looked back again

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