quarta-feira, outubro 04, 2006

Som obrigatório

Both Sides of the Gun - Ben Harper

"Another day, another chance to get it right, must I still be learning, baby crying kept us up all night, with her morning yearning"

Em entrevista


At 6 de outubro de 2006 às 11:54, Anonymous Anónimo said...

as soon as I heard the first chords of "gold to me" I thought...This one's for you, wherever you may be!

At 6 de outubro de 2006 às 14:36, Anonymous Anónimo said...

I'm glad you were there and felt those same chills..."Wish there was something now I could say or do.
I can resist anything but the temptation from you. "

At 6 de outubro de 2006 às 16:45, Blogger Lolita said...



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